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    Holiday Party Pack With Tea Mug


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    Holiday Single Canister With Tea Mug


What is Avocado Leaf Tea?

Avocado Leaf Tea is the newest entry into the herbal tea market. The name describes the product precisely, tea that is made from the leaves of an avocado tree. Each leaf is hand-picked and sourced locally from avocado groves in sunny Temecula, California. Like the avocado fruit, the leaves have recently been discovered to be one of the "healthiest leaves in nature". It's a delicious and healthy tea you are sure to enjoy. To find out how we discovered our tea click on Read More.

You Have Never Tasted A Tea Like This Before

The natural flavor has been described as "earthy and rustic with a smooth finish" and the aroma resembles the bouquet of the grove itself, truly intoxicating. Our 100% all natural and biodegradable single serve pyramid bag provides ease of preparation while keeping the robust natural flavor and nutritional benefits of the avocado leaf.

Delicious Tea With Extraordinary Benefits

The avocado is a known as a super fruit with numerous health benefits but researchers are finding the the leaves might be the most beneficial part of the Avocado Tree. The "Persea Americana" aka Avocado Leaf is gaining notoriety worldwide for the extraordinary health benefits. We have gathered many of the most recent studies for your review. So grab a cup of our tea and start researching.

New York Times Review - Front Burner - By Florence Fabricant

Avocado Leaf Tea at Emmy Awards

The 71st Emmys Governors Ball is Serving Avocado Leaf Tea!

Happy Customers

We Love To Hear From Our Avocado Leaf Tea Family!

I am not a tea drinker. But I have to drink only Caffeine free tea because of high BP and AFIB. Well not only do I love the Chamomile flavor I love that it seems to really help my health. While I am not saying it will help all but the calming effects of the Chamomile and the Avocado Leaf health properties its a winner for me. I will be ordering more. I need it in bulk! LOL

Adrienne Hubbard


Wonderful tea! I love it! Tastes great... I would absolutely recommend! Yum!

Amy Grossman Stone


Finally got a chance to try this!! Wow @avocadoleaftea this is incredible!

Jeff Burton - KPNT Radio Personality


This tea is Amazing! Had a cup for the first time today and it's so flavorful! I absolutely love it and especially love the health benefits. Avocado Leaf Tea is a must try!

Shannon Donner


I love a good cup of tea. This is an absolute must try! Nice flavor and I love that you get two cups from one tea bag. I tried it with and without a little sweetener. Tastes great either way.

Colleen Favazza


It's so good and there are amazing health benefits with Avocado Leaf Tea.

Joy Pukala


I love this avocado leaf tea! Thanks for sending a sample in the mail. Who knew avocado leaves could taste so good!

Joel Holtman


The wonderful HEALTH benefits.

Marylin May


Got my sample and it was Amazing!

Jackie Knowlden


I tried this because of the health benefits and absolutely love it. The peach is my favorite, I make a pitcher every week!

Kimberly Johnson


I ordered a five pack to be sent to my mom for a mother's day gift and she absolutely loved it. Thanks for the last minute shipping too!

Carol Benson


The avocado leaf tea is a genius invention. It is delicious, tasty and very gentle. I drink it every day with a great pleasure! Highly recommended.

Lea Ldinopulos


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