Avocado Leaf Tea Helps With Diabetes

What is the Best Tea to Drink for Diabetes?
Recent Studies have shown that the Avocado Leaf has properties that help with Diabetes.

Stops Cravings for Sugar

Avocado Leaves help to treat diabetes because of their natural ingredient Glycoside, which eliminates the body’s cravings and need for sugar. For this reason, Avocado Leaf Tea is a natural treatment for diabetes.


The leaves of Persea americana Mill. (Lauraceae) have been popularly used in the treatment of diabetes in countries in Latin America and Africa.

Conclusion of Article

The results indicate that the hydroalcoholic extract of the leaves of Persea americana has anti-diabetic properties and possibly acts to regulate glucose uptake in liver and muscles by way of PKB/Akt activation, restoring the intracellular energy balance.

Read All The Research

Click on our Health Page to see all the research done on Avocado Leaves and specifically the research done for Diabetes

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Helps Kidney Function


Reduces Risk of Stroke

Avocado Leaf Tea is Delicious Served Cold or Hot.
It is the Perfect Summer Drink!

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